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Ski in Spain? Sierra Nevada and luxury villa in central Granada

Rent our large historic luxury villa (photo below) for your winter skiing holiday, set beside the
Alhambra and overlooking the ancient city of Granada

Sierra Nevada is one of the most exciting places to ski

Among the very highest ski resorts in Europe

Skiing is from 3500 metres down to 2000 metres in the Sierra Nevada

80km of ski runs, 45 pistes, 300 snow machines (on all the main ski runs)

Night skiing by floodlight !

Self-catering villa to rent / hire / let

Sleeps 10-13, 4 bathrooms, 3 ensuite

Skiing only 40 minutes from the villa in Granada

Villa, Skiing - Sierra Nevada, Spain

other main points....

Ski in Spain, and be very surprised. With over 80km of skiing, testing runs on the venue for the 1996 world ski championship, the long reds in Laguna, skiing lessons with English teachers, and more sun and tapas than the Alps !